Social Media action – an advised behaviour for small business owners

social media

When it comes to hobbies, an interest or passion for social media is a useful pastime for a small business owner or someone with an online business. Social media can be fun, after all it’s supposed to be social. But it can be a great way to get people interested in your business as well when you turn social media habits into behavioural habits for your own business.

Sharing posts on Facebook and get involved in public conversations about local services or businesses on Twitter is a great way to promote your brand and help grow your business reputation. Understanding how to use social media for business is vital if you’re to make a successful plan and win customers online, once you learn the basic skills, your online behaviour and communication skills can develop to help grow your business.

It is more than likely that a web design company in Chingford will have a strong grasp of how to use social media for business but there’s no substitute for expertise. If you’re setting out on a social media or online marketing plan, there’s no substitute for learning from a Social Media company specialising in small business marketing. You could also expand your skills at a specialist social media training conference such as #SMEX16.

Whilst a good web designer might have turned their hobby into their business, there’s a world of difference between web design and social media skills. Web designers will build websites with one eye on successful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), whereas a social media expert will seek to drive traffic from social media platforms to the website.

It’s equally important for social media as it is for SEO to know which keywords to use to talk to your target audience. Always use a good keyword researcher or specialist keyword research tool can make all the difference to your chances of success. If you’re an online business, selling products such as antiques or Staffordshire figures, you’d most likely know what keywords to use. Antique trading is a popular hobby for many people across the UK and internationally. Being able to find antique collectors and let them know what pieces you have to sell is an important ability to create a successful antique business online.

An optometrist with a passion for colorimetry and treatment of dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome symptoms, social media is a great way to discuss how colorimetry can improve the lives of people with dyslexia through provision of tinted overlays or coloured tinted lenses.