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Hendon– North-west London

Hendon Town Hall
Hendon Town Hall

Hendon was historically a civil parish in the county of Middlesex. The estate is explained in Domesday (1087), however the name, ‘Hendun’ meaning ‘at the greatest hillside’, is earlier. There ares proof of Roman settlement found by the Hendon and District Archaeological Society and others; an urn burial of a headless kid was discovered in neighboring Sunny Hill Park. The Midland Railway and the Great Northern Railways were developed with Hendon in the 1860s. There is proof of troubles of wild horses feeding in between the tracks. The underground (Northern line) got to Golders Green to the south in 1907, the line being included Hendon Central, Colindale and Edgware in 1923/24.Hendon is a London suburban area located 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Charing Cross.

Much of the location became a suburban area of London and now the location is mainly built-up with some countryside in the Mill Hill location, such as the Copthall Playing fields. Hendon’s sector was primarily centred on production, and consisted of motor and aeronautics works, and established from the 1880s. In 1931 the civil parish of Edgware was eliminated and its location was contributed to the wonderful civil parish of Hendon.

Hendon became a metropolitan area in 1894. In 1932 the city area became the Municipal Borough of Hendon. The community borough was eliminated in 1965 and the location entered into the London Borough of Barnet.

Hendon’s primary specialty is in the very early days of flying and Hendon Aerodrome is now the RAF Museum. The location is carefully connected with leader pilot Claude Grahame-White. An additional part of the Aerodrome website is the Hendon Police College, the training facility for the Metropolitan Police. The Metropolitan Police Book of Remembrance is shown in the entrance of Simpson Hall at the facility. There is likewise a remembrance garden.

It is a previous borough and old parish. The name implies the high place or down, and Hendon’s slogan is Endeavour. The Burroughs is a civic center for the London Borough of Barnet, as well as the website of Middlesex University Business School.

The Burroughs was an unique hamlet up until the 1890s, understood from 1316 till the 19th century as ‘the burrows’, which no doubt referred initially to the keeping of bunny warrens. After the UK break out of myxomatosis in the 1950s, bunnies were smoked out of the location utilizing steam engines. This is a popular Jewish location with a number of synagogues, consisting of Riley Close and the workplaces of the Federation of Synagogues. A significant event for a Jewish male is his Bar Mitzvah which requires a great deal of learning and Bar Mitzvah lessons. Many wedding entertainers in the area will also undertake entertaining for Bar Mitzvahs in Hendon.

This hectic location around a significant roadway junction consists of parades of stores and shops around Hendon Central tube station.


Close to Brent Green was Goodyers House (demolished in 1934), called after a crucial Hendon family. Where Goodyers House was is now a cul-de-sac called Goodyers Gardens with about 10 or 11 homes. Number 11 was the main house when Goodyers House was still standing. Hendon Park was set out on Step Fields, part of the Goodyers House estate, and was opened as Queen’s Park in 1903. In July 1940, there was an especially big propaganda rally composed Hendon Park – “Rout the Rumour”, the first of its kind in England. Hendon House was the home of John Norden, the popular 16th-century cartographer, however was demolished and changed with Hendon School. Famous alumni consist of Peter Mandelson, Rabbi Lionel Blue, and author Ruth Prawer Jhabvala.


Brent Cross Shopping Mall is in the borough. It is North London’s top buying location is simply 20 minutes from main London on the Northern Line. Brent Cross is comfortably found a brief bow out Hendon Central and Brent Cross Tube stations on the Edgware branch of the Northern Line. It has stores consisting of add-ons, books, electrical and audio, style, meals and dining establishments, shoes, presents and cards, wellness and appeal, and sports products.


Hendon is served by Hendon Central tube station on the Edgware Branch of the Northern Line [Area 3 on the London Underground network] and by Hendon railway station on National Rail First Capital Connect line [still described numerous as the Thameslink line as well as the Bedpan Line (BEDford to St. PANcras)], along with by many bus courses. Buses come and go from Brent Cross Shopping Centre, London’s West End and the brand-new Wembley National Stadium. Buses run as far south as Central London, and as far north as Watford Junction.

Various minicab business run within Hendon. Main paths which go through Hendon are the A1 (Great North Road) A41 (North Western Avenue) likewise at different stretches called Hendon Way and Watford Way, and this intersects with the A406 (North Circular Road) at a junction called [the Brent Cross Flyover], likewise an understood quality traffic blackspot. The M25 and M1 are nearby.

Additional north is the website of Hendon Aerodrome in a location of Hendon now called Colindale, well-known for the first airmail distribution; the first parachute descent from a powered plane; the opening night air travels; and, from RAF Hendon throughout World War II the RAF offered the first aerial protection of a city. It is thought that the first casualty in the Battle of Britain was an RAF Hurricane pilot from Hendon. It near to flying in 1968 and is now the website of the RAF Museum, in addition to the housing developments at Grahame Park and Beaufort Park.

Hendon is close to Heathrow flight terminal and Stansted comes round the M25 and M11.


The nearby expert football clubs are Barnet FC, Watford, Tottenham Hotspurs and the Arsenal.

Famous People consist of Dennis Compton (Cricket– Middlesex and England), Henry Cooper (Heavyweight Boxer) and Peter Mandleson (Labor Politician).


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