Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – doctors support group

Doctors’ Support Group

Every September, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month takes place and lead charity CLIC Sargant front the challenge to raise awareness and create behavioural support and advice for those affected. Cancer is most often associated with the elderly, but child cancer is a heart breaking killer that destroys families and people left behind. . Childhood Cancer Awareness month helps to

  • Raise awareness about childhood cancer
  • Reduce stigma
  • Raise money for research to treat cancer and support those who survive childhood cancer
  • Provide support and counselling to those struck by childhood cancer.

For doctors, childhood cancer is a tough mental strain to take on when supporting and treating patients. Of course, doctors are trained and receive counselling through the NHS’ fantastic occupational health programme but many doctors need on-going support in such a challenging line of medicine. Doctor’s support group are available for medical professionals that struggle to deal with some cases.

When struck by childhood cancer families may need to arrange family finances and arrange for time off to look after a child through treatment and recovery. Changes to wills and legal documents might also be needed. Whilst charities can help with this, some will turn to family law solicitors in Edgware, London or wherever they are based.

Family Law Solicitors

When a child is lost, bereavement counselling is often necessary to help people deal with the trauma and pain. That’s why charities such as CLIC Sargant and others do such vital work in both mortality prevention and counselling services.

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