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Family law solicitors and divorce lawyers from London, the North and around the country were amongst attendees at the Bristol Family and Civil Justice Centre event that took place on 1st October. The day looked at behaviour and behavioural advice for family lawyers and divorce lawyers as well as legal process, bringing together lawyers and solicitors along with the public, press and support services. The event aimed to look at the workings of the family court and surrounding issues within the UK Justice system.

Amy Sanders reports on the website:

The speakers gave overviews of the main types of work the Family Court undertakes, including (divorce law, family law) private law children cases involving disagreements about where children should live, who they spend time with, holiday arrangements and decisions about last names and school choice. …
Relationship breakdowns involving divorce, civil partnerships and people who live together were considered, including potential consequences such as domestic abuse and financial issues.

Family lawyer North London

Family lawyer North London

The role of the media in court was explained in terms of how it can be daunting to have journalists in the court but in reality, the extent to which they can share information is limited and can be restricted further if the judge feels it is necessary to protect the anonymity of the parties concerned.

Practical tips and a question and answer period rounded off the Session. There was a wealth of information about what to do if you have a personal or family disagreement, who you can turn to for support and free advice (all contained in the Resources document available at ). Further information included what to do if you need to prepare a statement and get paperwork ready for a hearing, practicalities about attending the court and what the judge’s role is.

The event benefitted from expert marketing and advertising in Bristol, London and the South-West. It was important for family lawyers in North London and divorce solicitors in London as the findings will impact on them. They may influence future legal process changes and gave the public and courts the chance to discuss family law court processes with the family lawyers from North London and around the UK.

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Other legal firms local to Bristol and the South West, such as a Plymouth wills and probate solicitor might have attended to keep up to date with relevant law trends.