Awareness Day Good for Family Law Firm

In our recent Behavioural Advice article on SEO business marketing and the study of buying behaviour, the psychology of buying was examined. Today, we’re talking about Awareness Days and how that psychology can allow small businesses to support an awareness day and promote issues important to customers.

Today see’s two campaigns promoting their causes on 12th August. It is both World Elephant Day and International Youth Day. This is important for businesses because customers are increasingly buying into awareness day campaigns and sharing information about them on social media. By supporting an awareness day, small business marketing plans can develop customer loyalty by displaying a synergy with their sympathies.

On International Youth Day, the media run more stories about child poverty, child mental health issues and children growing up in single parent families. This can be a day that a family law solicitors firm could support publicly, along with shops and businesses that focus on children and family target audiences.

family-lawA successful family law solicitors in Edgware or anywhere in the UK could mention International Youth Day on social media or publish a blog article about why it’s important to mark International Youth Day. Using the popular hashtag on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is more likely that the social media content will be shared, increasing awareness of the family law solicitors and driving traffic to their website. The increase in traffic arriving via social media can prompt a rise in search engine rankings and improve SEO (search engine optimisation).

A nearby SEO specialist that works with small businesses will be able to advise on how a business like a family law solicitors firm can boost marketing activity by tapping into customers’ psychology around an awareness day. The same principles can apply for a dentist practice, promoting the importance of dental hygiene in children on World Youth Day.

When it comes to SEO for dentists, websites often focus on the core treatments, fillings, tooth replacement, gum decay and teeth whitening. A good web design for a dentist website will not just include pleasing visual design, it will be strongly designed from a marketing perspective. For more information about small business marketing, click here.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.58.22Having pages about campaigns the dental practice supports will give the dentists the opportunity to build customer relationships and support campaigns like World Elephant Day and talk about the value of teeth along with protecting elephants from ivory hunters. Even though many awareness days are global or national, local businesses can tie into them with creative marketing ideas and strategy around awareness days.